Executive Commitee
Kyle Burt----------------President
Trinka Payton-----------------------------Vice President
Brian Baine-------------------Treasurer
Elizabeth McElrath ----------------Executive Director  

Board of Directors
​Brian Baine
Jennifer Newsome Bell
Shaunathan Bell  
Carla Bryan
Kyle Burt
Jayson Carroll 
Spencer Cheak
Steve Eberhart
Donna Feazell
Terry Gillis
Jessi Hairston
Gail Hodges
Doug Hoffman
Bob Johnston
Cole Justice
Vicki Kay
Nathaniel Ledbetter
Mark Malone
Mike O'Dell
Jorge Oliva
Trinka Payton​
Jonathan Phillips
Christine Phillips​
Phyllis Reagan 
Dr. Aimee Skelton
Amy Spurgeon
Jeremy Taylor

*New Directors
Incorporated in 1958, the United Givers Fund of DeKalb County has been dedicated to helping meet local needs for over fifty years. 
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